Jeannie Skiffington - Professional Speaker, Author, & Trainer
WINNING TOPICS from 1-hour to all day! 
Winning Is Contagious…Pass It On!
If This Place Is Like A Zoo Become A Zookeeper!
Lineup For Success & Party, Party, Party!
3 Degrees of Separation:  Who Sold Who What???
Excellence Is Like A Dump Truck In Your Driveway
Take Charge To Create Your Own Luck
Choosing You’re Attitude
The Mysteries & Myths Of Time Management
Great Customer Service Has Double Vision
The Balancing Act To Improving Stress Management
Building A Positive Sales Image 
Qualities of Highly EffectiveTeams
Communicating for Positive Results
Managing & Understanding Change
Delivering Customer Service Excellence
The Power of Positive Phone Skills
Supervising Smarter
10 Steps To Successful Selling
                                                                   10 Steps to Building Successful Customer Service Relationships
                                                                    4 Habits of Successful Customer Service
                                                                    Juggling & Managing Priorities, People, & Paper
                                                                    Professionalism:  Being Your Best & Giving Your Best  

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